Haunted House Rules

No Smoking, No Lighters, No Matches (No Second Chances, YOU WILL BE REMOVED)

No Flashlights or Cell Phones.

No Flash Photography

No Food or Drinks past the Concession Room.

We reserve the right to deny entry to or REMOVE, any individual(s) who appear to be drunk and/or displaying any behavior that would affect the safety and/or enjoyment of theirs and/or others' experience.

We reserve the right to remove any one who is not following the rules.

We will not make any effort to accomodate STUPIDITY.

Touch nothing and noTHING will touch you!


Rated PG: Parents are strongly cautioned that many parts of the Haunted House may not be suitable for young children.

The Haunted House is NOT for people who have back problems, heart problems, seizures, or pregnant women.

The Haunted House is NOT wheelchair accessible.

Strobe lights and Fog Machines in use.

The Haunted House requires going up and down multiple flights of stairs. If you have any condition that prevents you doing this comfortably, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER.

Lost Items

YOU are responsible for your personal items, not us.
If you don't want to lose something, don't bring it in. Our actors will not stop to find your lost items during the haunt. If you do lose something, leave your name, number and description of the item with one of the workers outside. Chances are we will find it during clean-up the next day.